Unique ways to support individual Ukrainians

Thank you to everyone who donated to our FLASH FUNDRAISER for Ukraine. We collected $5,000 for Catholic Relief Services in 48 hours. Now, what more can you do to support Ukrainian people?

Beyond sending prayers, posting on Facebook, and wearing Ukrainian colors, there are plenty of ways to support the cause for peace and independence in Ukraine right now. Obviously, there are many great causes to donate dollars to which are working on the borders and are on-the-ground Ukrainian nonprofits that will utilize your dollars. Here is a great list to choose from.

Below are a few unique ideas of how to support individuals in Ukraine right now by getting dollars into families’ hands immediately. 

Book an AirBnB in Ukraine with no intention of going

When the war started in Ukraine, people across the planet came up with a similar idea – get money directly to Ukrainian individuals through online marketplaces. So far, 61,000 people booked Airbnb stays in Ukraine just to help hosts.

You can book a room in Ukraine here, but make sure to message the host to let them know that you are not staying, but just want to offer them some financial support.

Travel expert Simon Calder did caution that the well-intentioned campaign could attract con artists, in a CNET News article.

“Were I a Russian scammer, I would be setting up fake Airbnbs in Kiev and Odessa as fast as I could to cash in on those noble intentions,” Calder tweeted.

One way to ensure that your dollars are going to a Ukranian is to look for Super Hosts and hosts with a long history of hosting (with many reviews) so you can be assured they have rented this physical space in Ukraine for years. 

Support English-language journalists to keep the news flowing

One major problem in the modern world is misinformation and journalists losing their freedom of speech, along with people losing the ability to find and read trusted news. can help fund English-language journalism in the country by donating to the Kyiv Independent at its Patreon of GoFundMe accounts. Kyiv Independent is a large, trusted ENglish-language news source for Ukraine and Western Europe and, like many newspapers, needs financial support in order to keep the news flowing.

Also, the Committee to Protect Journalists is calling for the protection of journalists in Ukraine following the invasion. Donate here.

Order items on Etsy from Ukrainian individuals

We suggest you search Etsy for “Ukrainian digital download” to find art pieces made by Ukrainian people that they do not need to physically mail to you. The funds from your purchase immediately are transferred to the artist. Here is an example:

Digital file Ukrainian artist Ukrainian landscape Yellow and blue Sunflowers Painting Digital download JPG file Instant download $7.00

 Huge heartfelt gratitude to all those who responded to what is happening in Ukraine!

Now my family from Ukraine has left their home in Kyiv

And we don’t know if we can go back home.

May the Lord bless you and your loved ones.

Peace to all of us!



This is a digital copy of the original painting (file for download).

No physical item will be shipped.

You can download and use the file immediately after purchase.

The file is in .jpeg format.

You can use the downloaded file:

– like a screensaver for your phone,

– print as a postcard, wall art

– use on social networks, share it with friends, etc.


***You can always purchase more expensive items on Etsy that aren’t digital, but make sure to message the seller to remind them that you DO NOT WANT the item delivered, you just want to support them financially.