Christmas traditions from Srs. Celeste, Ernestine, and Corona, ND

Sr. Celeste Wobeter – Apple for Christmas

As a child I couldn’t wait for Christmas – gifts and food! My memories as an adult are of family gathered together – mom and dad, siblings and spouses, nieces and nephews. A spirit of love and joy, laughter and teasing, memory sharing. Special yummy Christmas dinner! Brothers fighting over a pair of socks. Dad giving us each the traditional gift of a large red delicious apple.

Memories include singing the song “Narodil se Kristus Pán” with Mom, and after, we listened to Mom and Dad share memories.

Sr. Ernestine Havlovic – The Dog Barks for Santa

Christmas eve began with a traditional meal – baked cod fish with mashed potatoes and creamed peas, lettuce and Jell-o fruit salad with walnuts. I must not forget the houska – a braided Czech bread.

After the meal and dishes were washed, Dad and the family went upstairs to wait for Santa Claus. Mom stayed back to finish the dishes and take care of the baby for some reason ??? We were to be quiet and listen for Santa, and the dog who always barked when someone came on the yard.

After some long minutes of waiting, we finally heard Trizie bark and Mom coming upstairs quietly to join us for more waiting! Finally, Dad told the youngest one to go find out if Santa Claus came. We still wonder to this day how Mom got Trizie to bark at the right time?

Our evening ended by attending midnight mass. As we prepare during the advent season for the blessings and joys of Christmas, we put behind us the hustle and bustle of gift shopping. We remember the true meaning of the season – a time to open our hearts in prayer with COVID-19, those in waring countries, the poor and forgotten.

So Heavenly Father, we beg you to make this season a time of slowing down, a time to open our hearts in preparation for your coming. Let our love of God spread throughout the world and may we find joy bringing joy to others, amen.

Sr. Corona Humpal, ND – The Christmas Branch Bucket

We opened our gifts Christmas morning after we came home from church. Instead of a Christmas tree we put branches into a pail and decorated them, so we had a Christmas bush instead of a Christmas tree. I did not mind this single celebration.