Congratulations, You Voted!

By Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer, ND

Some polling places hand out I voted stickers. When I think about that I am coming to believe that every eligible voter should get a sticker. If I go to the polls and cast a ballot, I get a sticker. If I stay home, I also voted. Casting a ballot is a way to state my preferences. Staying home declares a preference as well. My preference may be not to think or not to trust my convictions, not to believe in positive collective action, not to hope for a better future.

The whole election process can feel overwhelming, but it is possible to take it bit by bit. Don’t worry about the entire ballot! Find out about candidates for one state or local race. Find a friend or two to go along. Cast a ballot as best you can and get the sticker that says I voted, not by default for whatever outcome other people voted, but I vote out of hope, responsibility, and gratitude for the privilege.