Directional Statement 2021-25 – Notre Dame Sisters

Through our Provincial Assembly we Notre Dame Sisters create a directional statement that guides our ministry and prayer over the next four years. Read our statement below. We will be offering more reflections on various points in this statement soon.


Grounded in the Gospel message of Jesus and grateful for God’s abundant empowering grace, we, the Notre Dame Sisters of Omaha, humbly and joyfully commit our lives and resources to:

  •       Deepen a contemplative spirituality that shapes our values and decisions
  •       Promote solidarity and justice for all, especially the marginalized and neglected
  •       Fulfill our history as a province with active and bold openness to God’s call in our lives

We do this by:

  •       Practicing prayerful discernment individually and as a province
  •       Fostering participative partnerships with others to transform systems of injustice
  •       Developing ways to sustain and celebrate our vision, mission, and legacy