Expand Your Horizons: Creating a Sustainable Environment

Thursday, April 15, we hosted an online panel discussion about sustainability of planet Earth and local actions that can be taken.

Our speakers were:
  • Keynote “No More Free Pollution” by Mark Welsch, Nebraskans for Peace Omaha Coordinator and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Omaha Chapter Co-Leader
  • Panelist from Omaha Together One Community Action Team: Clyde Anderson on Nebraska legislation
  • Panelist students from Creighton University Sustainability Program: Caroline Adrian and Emma Yackley with student perspective and action
  • Panelist from Elders for the Earth: Carol Windrum on actions that honor the planet
We began with Sr. Cynthia providing an opportunity to “breathe with and for the earth”. That’s what our Earth has been doing in its orbit around the sun. This natural pattern has been studied by scientists with earliest experiments in mid 1800s. You can read more about it and practice breathing with the video here. We also heard strong words from Greta Thunberg as she urges Congress to take action. Watch the extended clip here.
If “global warming” follows natural climate patterns, what can be done about the apparent “runaway climate change” caused by greenhouse gasses? This was addressed by our keynote speaker Mark Welsch, Co-Leader of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Omaha Chapter Volunteer. CCL works with everyday people to empower them to work together for climate economy solutions. Their priority – the carbon-fee and dividend proposal – is a laser focused action plan for environmental justice and sustainable living.
Mark Welsch urged every viewer to learn more and sign up to make monthly action phone calls. Learn more here.
We heard from intrepid Creighton students who not only began sustainability programs on campus, but effectively petitioned to have the entire university divest from fossil fuels. Learn more about their journey in this article.
Clyde Anderson gave us a great update on the work of the Omaha Together One Community Action Team and successfully petitioning the Nebraska state government to make change. He encouraged people to sign up for the Accountability Session with Mayoral and City Council Candidates who advance to the general election on May 11th. This event will be conducted via Zoom. Please register here and a link will be sent to you at a later date.
Our final panelist was Carol Windrum representing Elders for the Earth, a group of people aged 55+ making effective change. Learn more about their upcoming workshops here.
We are so grateful to our panelists who gave voice to legislation in the Nebraska Unicameral, youth perspectives on institutions divesting of fossil fuel investments, and the contribution of elders responding to urgent need for earth-care. Below are some of the slides used in the presentation: