God Calling – a poem by Sr. Joan Polak 

God Calling

By Sr. Joan Polak 


In the chirping of the birds, 

I hear the Word of God. 

In the whispering of the leaves on the tree God speaks to me. 

In the silence around me 

Comes God whispering to me. 

In the pain and difficult moments 

What is God saying to me? 

In the caw of the crow or the song of a bird God is calling me to prayer. 

On the face, the smile of another 

Do I see God’s love for me and all mankind— What is God saying to me? 

Soft is the Word, gentle the message 


Am I listening? 

Am I hearing? 

Am I responding? Am I paying attention? 


Listen, listen to the God of love

And answer His call to prayer 

For from the Gospel we hear, 

“Blessed are those who hear  

the Word of God and keep it.”