Letter to alumnae from Sr. (Phyllis) Margaret Hickey, ND

This year is almost as unpredictable as the last. In 2020, we were navigating the perils of COVID-19 and held an all-virtual reunion. This year, we are still dealing with COVID-19 and its new variants, but have some good news — the vaccine. We Sisters have been vaccinated and many continue to wear masks in public spaces to protect themselves from any variant that makes its way through the area. We hope you have been vaccinated and are being safe. The other piece of good news is that we hope to have our reunion in person on September 11th. Let’s hope the COVID variants stay in check with our help.

Many people we know, including Alumnae, have lost family members this past year. We have lost two of our Sisters over the past year including Sr. Mary Beth (Martin) Kubesh and Sr. Barbara (Mary John) Markey. I am sure many of you remember them with great fondness.

We Sisters continue try to endeavor to be an empowering presence to the people around us, even as we remain safe and slightly more distant than we used to be. Many of our Sisters are working to educate, serve in hospice care, administer to women leaving domestic violence shelters, raising social justice issues and praying for people on our prayer list and for people all over the world. We are determined to carry on our mission for a very long time.

Reading through the many updates and from my personal conversations with former students, I can see that Alumnae of Notre Dame Academy are also an empowering presence in their families, parishes, workplaces, and communities. You women are an inspiration, and I speak for all who taught at NDA when I say that we are blessed to have been part of your education and formation to become strong women. You bless us with your presence.

This year we are particularly celebrating the class of 1971, celebrating their 50th anniversary of graduation. My memory is hiding classroom stories about the members of this class for some reason! I do remember the girls were tightly knit together, fun-loving and even a bit mischievous at times but very loveable for sure! I have met, and still meet, many of them over the years and celebrate who they have become and how grateful they were for their education at NDA and for the friendships they formed, ones that exist today. Congratulations, Class of ’71. I hope you can attend the reunion this year so we can celebrate you!

I look forward to this year’s Alumnae Reunion and hearing more about how this year has been for you. Please know that we Sisters continue to pray for you and your families in these difficult times, and look forward to the day when this pandemic has passed and we all feel comfortable celebrating together again.


Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND

Provincial President, Notre Dame Sisters