Math teacher who taught in six local schools, Sr. Corona Humpal, ND, celebrates 60 years as a Sister

Celebrating 60 years of religious profession is Sr. Corona Humpal. Born in a farm house near Jackson Junction, Iowa, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duchesne College and her Master’s degree at Colorado State University in Math for secondary education teachers.

Her ministry from 1963-1993 was education: She started teaching with seventh graders at St. Adalbert’s Grade Schools in Omaha before moving to teach at Howell’s Grade School. She then taught at St. Wenceslaus Grade School in Spillville, Iowa before becoming a high school Math teacher at Notre Dame Academy, Wahoo Neumann High School, and Roncalli Catholic High School.

After 30 years of teaching in and around the Omaha Metro, she continues to serve people right here. She worked in hospital ministry for 20 years  and Right at Home (care for seniors) for a decade. 

“When my Mom was in her 90s, Sr. Corona would help us take care of her at home: She was the best and we never worried when Sr. Corona was with Mom. Mom loved her. We could never express how thankful we were to have Sr. Corona’s help,” said Notre Dame Academy alumna Elaine Birnstihl.

Now, Sr. Corona is not slowing down. As a resident of Notre Dame Housing in North Omaha, she manages the gift shop which includes many of her beautifully crocheted items. She volunteers at NDH for their food programs for residents, and gets out in the community serving St James Seton School in the Kids Care Program.

Sr. Corona has a long legacy of humbly and quietly serving people across Omaha, impacting lives individually.

Sr. Corona joins four other Notre Dame Sisters celebrating their jubliees this year — Sr Ernestine Havlovic ND, and Sr Joan Polak, ND, are celebrating 70 years and Sr Irene Dvorak, ND, and Sr Margaret Hickey, ND, are celebrating 60 years. 

sr corona with kids at st andrews child enrichment center

Sr Corona at St James Seton School in the Kids Care Program

Sr Corona at St James Seton School in the Kids Care Program

Notre Dame Housing gift shop with items made by residents