Notre Dame Sisters Contribute to Roncalli Catholic’s Capital Campaign

We are proud to announce that the Notre Dame Sisters have generously contributed $300,000 to Roncalli Catholic’s Capital Campaign, “Pride in Our Future.” This campaign is an effort to raise $4.4 million to advance Roncalli Catholic’s mission of providing excellent Catholic education through wisdom, courage, and faith to empower all students to uncover and discover their full potential.  As honorary chairs, the Notre Dame Sister’s contribution marks a pivotal moment in Roncalli’s history, as the Guidance Center in the student services center is set to be named in honor of the Notre Dame Sisters, celebrating their legacy.

The Notre Dame Sisters’ contribution holds significance for various reasons. The Sisters played a pivotal role in educating and influencing the lives of thousands of young women at Notre Dame Academy for 48 years. In 1974, Notre Dame Academy merged with Rummel High School to create Roncalli Catholic High School. The Sisters’ presence allowed the Sisters’ legacy of educational excellence to continue. We want to sustain Roncalli today as an outstanding school known for its openness to diversity and as a family and community-oriented school. They have continued to honor our spirit and founders over these many years, and we want to support our legacy of quality education through them.

As we embark on this journey together, we recognize the profound impact of the Notre Dame Sisters’ generosity and Roncalli Catholic’s leadership and vision for the future. The Notre Dame Sisters’ legacy lives on in every student who walks the halls of Roncalli Catholic, carrying forward the values of faith, knowledge, and social justice that define the Notre Dame Community.