Notre Dame Sisters of the Omaha province join with other regarding gun control issue

From Mary Kay Meagher , ND Social Justice coordinator

A request came in today with an invitation for a joint statement to the President and administration to immediately end all gun and weapons sales to Mexico until reliable and effective end use controls are established.  Individual can also sign.

The Notre Dame Sisters of Omaha Province signed the petition.

Here is some background and information:

This is a statement urging President Biden to 1.) institute active measures to stem the smuggling to Mexico of weapons purchased in the United States and 2.) prevent the federally licensed exportation of rifles and pistols from U.S. companies to police and military units known to collude with organized crime or violate the human rights of Mexicans or migrants.

Also, the organizers held a webcast last evening, Breaking the Deadly Link between U.S. Gun & Violence toward Immigrants, with experts in the fight for peace in the region:

  • Juan Manuel Juárez, a journalist in Tamaulipaswho covered the tragic Camargo events will begin our webcast with an exclusive (pre-recorded) report. Juan Manuel reports on events in northeastern Mexico and recently inaugurated the news site Elefante Blanco.
  • Stephanie Brewer, Director for Mexico and Migrant Rights at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) where she advocates for policy improvements on both sides of the border to protect human rights and support the rule of law in Mexico.
  • John Lindsay Poland, writer, activist, researcher and analyst coordinates Stop US Arms to Mexico, a project of Global Exchange. He has written about, researched and organized action for human rights and demilitarization of US policy in Latin America for 30 years.
  • Juan Ortiz, artist, activist and community organizer is a doctoral student and fellow in Mexican American studies at the University of Arizona.
  • Marco Castillo, Co-Director of Global Exchange will introduce.
  • Daniella Burgi-Palomino, Co-Director of the Latin America Working Group will moderate.

In Solidarity,

Marco Castillo and John Lindsay-Poland

Stop US Arms to Mexico, A Project of Global Exchange