Promises and Commitments – a Letter from our Provincial President

Think about all the promises and commitments you have made over the years.

  • Were they long-term, short term?
  • Have they been fulfilled?
  • Did you have to let them go because new circumstances entered in?
  • What feelings do you have that you have been faithful to your promises and commitments?
  • What feelings do you have that you had to abandon some or you forgot about them?

The greatest promise or commitment today for all of us is to love God fully, to enter into relationship with our Loving God and to live that relationship always. That is the call of the Gospel and the call of our Baptism. In Scripture we hear over and over again how much God loves us to send us Jesus. That love will never end. May our love be unending as well.

We might have been disillusioned with our first commitment, called to a different way of life, had to adapt to the absence of a spouse or children, a change in the style of life we once lived. We might have come to realize that our commitment and promise deepened over the years and we express great gratitude for this awareness. Time changes all things.

The call to love God as God loves us and to share that love with others, remains the same and deepens our promises and commitments.

I would like to reflect a bit on our call as Notre Dame Sisters. Associates, and maybe this can translate to the style of life you have been called to.

Our Constitution reads: “Our vocation to live the baptismal call through vowed life in an apostolic community had its beginning in a moment of grace. Touched by the Holy Spirit, we responded. Profession expressed our personal response…”

“Our love proves itself as we live common life, rejoicing in one another’s gifts, bearing the burden of one another’s limitations and extending forgiveness willingly. By this active love, we bring peace and joy into the community… It witnesses to God’s love which embraces all people. Mutual love impels us to reach out in willing service to all, especially the poor and needy.”

To my Notre Dame Sisters, these quotes call us to reconsider our baptismal call lived out in consecrated life. How are we doing?

Do any of these quoted words apply in some way to your baptismal call and how you are living it today in your lifestyle? Take some time to ponder.

Give yourself the gift of some quiet time in this summer to ponder your promises and commitments. Know that our Loving, Provident God carries you gently and loves you unconditionally.

Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND, Provincial President