Safe Homes changes lives

Safe Homes serves local women and children in the Omaha Metro area who have broken free of the domestic violence cycle. This means that they have moved from an abusive household into a shelter and have completed an education, counseling, and/or employment program. These women are recommended to us as they are ready to take the next step towards independence.
Once recommended from a shelter, we step in and provide first month’s rent or utilities as well as a letter of support to their new landlord.
After approval, we offer a $500 voucher for first month’s rent or utilities towards a new living arrangement.
Last year, with support of foundations and individuals, we were able to fund 150+ women and children take the next step towards independence. You can support a woman during our Do Good Week campaign by clicking our SHARE profile and making a donation. The more donations we get during this week, the more chance we have to win bonus cash prizes from the Do Good Week sponsors.
SHARE Omaha’s Do Good Week is the time to make our mission happen.
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