Sister Update 2022

We 31 American Sisters minister in Iowa, Colorado, and Nebraska with most of us working part-time or retired. At this point in time, we have three sisters living in long-term care. In August our American delegates hope to meet with our Sisters in Europe for the first time in two and a half years to renew friendships and to plan for our Congregation’s future. We face our realities of retirement and aging with a strong compassion and care.

Notre Dame Housing Reaches 25-year Milestone

We are excited to see the seeds we planted so many years ago to bear new fruit. Fourteen Sisters remain residents at NDH and most of us have to opportunity to see the community growing first-hand. Below are some exciting new developments for NDH:

  • We are building a hair salon on-site, so residents can always feel their best
  • We are finalizing plans for the new Life Enrichment Center that will offer many great opportunities for gathering, exercising, enjoying movies, gaming, crafting and more.
  • Residents continue to enjoy excursions to nature centers, grocery stores, and cultural exhibitions.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is a daily part of our lives as Notre Dame Sisters. We always intercede for those affected by health problems and the death of loved ones, for resolutions to international conflicts, for peace and understanding in our local communities, and for the people we love and appreciate. Please know you are in our hearts daily.

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