Sisters and Associates learn The Dialogue Company’s R.A.C.E. Method

One of the hardest conversations for white people to have with one another is about racism. This class helps people recognize that some forms of unconscious bias live in everyone. 

Listening with empathy and connecting to people who hold problematic views, helps people find shared humanity and greater understanding of one another. 

The Dialogue Company’s R.A.C.E. Method (™) uses the following approach: 

R: Reflect-get ready for conversation 

A: Ask-about their experience 

C: Connect-relate a personal story affirming the person’s viewpoint 

E: Expand-relate a personal story inviting them to a new understanding of the issue 

On three Monday evenings in November, 6 Associates and 6 Sisters participated in these classes. Following are comments from their experience of the sessions.

The Ally racism dialogue class made me more aware of my own biases. I need more practice using the R.A.C.E. method so I feel more comfortable having sensitive conversations. ~ Associate Cathy Leak

The goal was to practice skills in asking questions and to listen empathetically. A goal that is necessary in all relationships. ~ Sr. Dorothy Rolf

We began by naming a bias we have and writing a story. Using storytelling rather than lots of statistics and facts about race is more effective. Good information and practice. I want to continue practicing what I learned. ~ Sr. Celeste Wobeter

“The Anti-Racism Dialogue series provided me with the tools to have effective conversations with those who share different opinions. It has allowed me to experience personal growth while providing ways to move people towards social justice.” ~ Associate Ann O’Connor