Sr Margaret Hickey, ND, retires after 22 years of leadership

Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND, celebrated her retirement party July 17, 2022, at Saint James Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Sr. Margaret served as Notre Dame Sisters Provincial President an impressive six terms over the course of 22 years!

Friends, family, Sisters, and colleagues, old and new, joined together to thank Sr. Margaret for her service.

“It has been such a joy to work with you and I think we will have more of an opportunity to work together in the future,” said the Most Reverend Archbishop George Lucas. “We had the gospel reading today about Mary and Martha and I see both in you – ready to serve and always active in terms of carrying out the life and joy of the gospel. Thank you for making that gospel come alive.”

Sister Margaret Hickey, daughter of the deceased Philip and Martha (Swetala) Hickey. Born in Omaha, Nebraska she received a Bachelor ‘s degree in Education from Duchesne College and her master’s degree in English from Creighton University.

Many people know Sr. Margaret as a teacher (although they may remember her as Sr. Phyllis), as her education legacy stretches across Omaha — beginning at St. Therese’s in Omaha in 1963, she spent a few years at St. Michael’s in Harlan Iowa, before returning to Omaha to teach at Notre Dame Academy, where she had attended high school.

After Notre Dame Academy merged with Bishop Rummell High School to form Roncalli High School, Sr. Margaret taught there in the 70s, 80s, and early 2000s.

“Sr. Margaret and I met each other 42 years ago at Roncalli High School,” said Dennis Henkenius, former teacher at Roncalli. “Since then, she has been my children’s teacher, my confidant, my boss, and most importantly, my friend.  In the 1980s it wasn’t always easy to have the admiration of students, and she set a high bar.”

Sr. Margaret has been a professed Notre Dame Sister for 61 years, mentioning that she fell in love with the Sisters when she was 5.

God has been so strong in my life. My daily prayer these days is the Magnificat: my soul rejoices in God my savior. God has made me who I am. You have made me who I am. Together hopefully we can make a better world,” Sr. Margaret said to a room of over 100 people at her retirement party.

Sr. Rita Ostry will become the Provincial President of the Notre Dame Sisters August 1, her first four-year term in this position.

“You are a light that shines and points to God’s goodness in all of life.  Your light is far from retiring, and so we can’t wait to see what is next for you.  Thank you for your selfless years of service,” said Sr. Joy Connealy, who served on the Leadership Team with Margaret.