Sr. Mary Kay Meagher celebrates 40 years as a Nurse Practitioner

Recently Mary Kay was able to tie a ribbon on a gift originally given her some 40 years ago. When she came to Nebraska, she faced the shocking reality that there was no licensure –therefore no ability to practice as a Nurse Practitioner in this state. This catapulted her and a small group of Nurse Practitioners into years of intense legislative lobbying work to gain licensure as an NP in our state.

The Nebraska Nurse Practitioners Association celebrated these 40 years under the title of “The Pearls of Healthcare” honoring Mary Kay and other significant pioneers who were key in moving Nurse Practitioners into the heart of our health care system. For Mary Kay it is a personally profound experience to see the results of having handed over the baton to Nurse Practitioners who continue to carry this pearl of service with dedication, commitment for the organization but more so for our patients, our profession, state, nation and hope moving along into the future.

Congratulations, Sr. Mary Kay, and thank you for your decades of service.

L-R: Kathy Murphy, Brenda Bergman-Evans, Linda Lazure, Sr. Mary Kay, Sally Jochens, Stephanie Burgess, State Senator