The Notre Dame Sisters Stand With Ukraine

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The Notre Dame Sisters have released a statement. They are accepting matched donations to benefit Ukrainian people.

The Sisters will be accepting donations for 48 hours (through midnight on Wednesday, March 16) with a match up to $2,000 for Catholic Relief Services, an international aid organization working on the Ukrainian borders.

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Notre Dame Sisters have written a statement:

In solidarity with Pope Francis, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, many religious congregations of women and men, and above all in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, we Notre Dame Sisters plead for the end of the senseless war in Ukraine.

The devastation to human lives, especially the children, disabled and elderly, the indiscriminate destruction to homes, places of healing and worship, and businesses must stop now.  We offer our prayer and fasting this Lent for an end to the violence, we offer our financial support to the agencies working to relieve the human suffering before our eyes and in our hearts each day.

May we open our hearts to those seeking Temporary Protection Status in our country.

We plead to our God, to our Mother of Peace, to hear our prayer and to leaders to work to justly end this war and its brutality.

“In an effort to support Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) work with internally displaced Ukrainians and those seeking refuge, we are collecting donations. We will send these donations, with a generous $2,000 donor match, to CRS.”

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