Trying Times and Accidents of Love – A letter from our Provincial President

From Sr. Margaret Hickey, ND:

During my daily prayer this winter I reflected on a reading with the phrase: “accidents of love.” I wrote in my journal: “Loving God, what will be the ‘accident of love’ I will encounter this day?” meaning, in what ways will I be called to love today?

By the end of the day, I was in the ER with my sister Barb who fell and broke her leg and ankle. For the next two and a half months I stayed with her at night and came to work during the day. During her healing, Barb experienced the unexpected death of her best friend of over 50 years. We were on an emotional roller coaster.

One spring morning I opened my journal, unused since the date I had written the words “accidents of love.” I realized that my love for my sister and her friend had grown in those months together. Through the struggle we came to know and love each other better. Today I am grateful for this accident of love, which has resulted in hurt and healing as well.

Our world continues experiencing complicated situations. We struggle to overcome the seemingly insurmountable pandemic; we observe so many attacks—on Ukraine; on people of color; on anyone different from ourselves; we experience inflation raising prices of everything from food to fuel. Looking at the media, it feels like the world is a nasty place. The world changes and challenges us to find love during the turmoil.

We must remember our capacity for love. God calls us into a relationship of love, and to give of ourselves to others—to family, to strangers, and to people we will never meet.

We Sisters endeavor to pay attention to the daily realities people face. As educators ourselves, we study our white privilege, and reach out to support people who are marginalized because of their color, economic status, or beliefs. We witness the war in Ukraine and work to provide resources where we can.

Our mission remains steadfast, even when everything around us is changing. We are committed to serving those who need it most, to meet unmet needs as we find them, and to live a life of prayer. Your support, through prayer, emails, phone calls, donations, and more, help us in our resolve. Knowing there are so many people behind us strengthens us, even when the world seems overwhelming.

Together we can impact the lives of so many. Your partnership allows us to help women leaving a domestic violence shelter, provides housing for low-income seniors, and helps with our daily needs. I ask you at this time to consider donating to the Notre Dame Sisters, so we can continue our journey of education, prayer, and meeting unmet needs.

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