Updates from our Alumnae

We were incredibly grateful for all of the updates we received from our Notre Dame Academy alumnae. You continue to impress us with your travels, family accomplishments, careers, volunteerism, and community building.

We mailed out full programs with these updates. If you did not receive one, or would like to print your own, click here:

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Georgia (Cubrich ’61) Gregg

Dick & l will be celebrating our 60th anniversary  on September 15th. Thought you could put it in the next newsletter….we have two children. Cheryl Gregg & David Gregg & his wife Michelle….three grandchildren….Matthew & his wife Jessica & Patrick Gregg & Kathryn Kocanda. Great grands… Kaliah, Dom, Max, Luca & Layne…as you can see our family is growing. We are doing well & thankful to be celebrating 60 years together.


1968 – Mary Lou (Melia) Brennan

I left my job at Nebraska Spine and Pain Center 4 1/2 years ago to help my daughter with homeschooling. She has tutored 4 of her 5 children’s classes once a week, she will be tutoring her second sons’ junior class this coming year. Her oldest son will be starting his sophomore year at UNL and her youngest son will be in 2nd grade.

I have been busy at Church with funeral luncheons, reading for funerals when families don’t have anyone to read. I’ve been involved with RCIA and sponsored candidates for the last 4 years. I also just finished 2 years with the Archdiocesan Mentorship program. Our neighborhood had a block party this past July to meet all of the new neighbors and there were a lot of new neighbors. Everyone enjoyed it so much they would like to hold a block party twice a year now, spring and fall.

Took a trip to Wyoming and had a wonderful time with my brothers, sister-in-law and her mother at Cheyenne Frontier Days. I’ve told everyone that it’s great to see my brothers and Cheyenne Frontier Days is just an excuse to get together with my family. One of the nicest things is that we say the rosary as a family each night. It’s always a great week to spend with family and in such a beautiful state.