March 1, 2020: Reflection for 1st Sunday of Lent

by Theresa Homan, Notre Dame Associate

Two temptation stories and two different responses to temptation. We’ve heard them both many times. And we’ve heard how we are saved from Adam and Eve’s disobedience by Jesus’ obedience. So here we are at the start of another Lenten season, reminded again of our sinfulness, our need to turn again and again toward God; to turn from our misguided choices for self-satisfaction, power and control.

We are placed on the earth to cultivate and care for it, and to care for each other. We are called to work; to sacrifice; to share the goods of the world so that all have what they need; to empower the powerless; to be humble valuing service over control.

If, in any way, I consider myself more entitled than someone else, be they poor, rich, unemployed, differently abled, of a different religion or no religion, of a different skin color, or nationality, or political party–I need to turn.

If I support laws, structures or businesses that favor the wealthy or the dominant class, that leave some without health care, education, adequate employment, housing or food–I need to turn.

If I am apathetic about our involvement in unending wars, our abuse of the environment, those trafficked in slavery–I need to turn.

Saving God, you call me not to “do it all,” but to have a softening and opening of heart so that I hear and act on how it is you want me to care for others and creation.