Reflection for Christmas Day, 2022

By Sr Margaret Hickey ND

John 1:1-18 from Christmas Day Mass

Think of the greatest Christmas gift you have ever received in your life—tangible or not.  Relish and treasure the feelings, the value, the impact that special gift made in your life and in those of your circle of life.

THEN—read and reflect on the gospel text noted above and pay attention to what impact that has on you.   The reading contains the greatest gift we have ever received, and continue to receive and it makes all the difference in the world!

The Word was with God and was God and with him all things came to be, especially LIFE, the light of the human race and this LIGHT shines strongly in the darkness which cannot diminish it.

Some people did not accept this LIFE and LIGHT but those that did see this LIGHT, JESUS, received the POWER to become CHILDREN OF GOD.   They were given the power to live in grace and in truth, grace upon grace, truth upon truth. 

This power, grace and fullness of Jesus, WE HAVE ALL RECEIVED.  And we continue to receive it each day because God loves us that much.  May we accept this gift and live it each day to deepen our relationship with God, with one another, with our entire world hurting to receive this same gift.    TRULY A WONDERFUL GIFT GOD GIVES US!

Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones.   May the spirit of this feast be with you and all our world into the New Year and beyond!