Reflection for Easter, March 31, 2024

by Michael Driscoll, Notre Dame Associate

In the quiet of Easter, within the sacred cycle of the Christian year, we find ourselves at the threshold of a profound mystery: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here, in this moment of moments, is where hope intertwines with renewal, where the very essence of life asserts its victory over the shadow of death. To me, Easter transcends the realm of mere historical recollection, unfolding instead as a deeply personal pilgrimage of the spirit.

My journey towards understanding began in my youth, a time when the difference between right and wrong seemed clear, traced by the teachings and commandments of my faith. Yet, late in life it dawned on me my own efforts were insufficient to bear the weight of my journey alone. The Resurrection stands as a beacon in this realization, symbolizing not just the transition from despair to hope, or from reliance upon oneself to a profound trust in God, but as gospel to God’s capacity to bring light into darkness and defeat.

As we contemplate the sacrifice of Christ, we are reminded that the sins for which He died are often those committed against one another. This realization calls us to a deeper understanding of love and forgiveness. It challenges us to see beyond the surface of people’s actions and recognize the spiritual struggles that lie beneath. Just as Christ extended love and forgiveness to those who wronged Him, we too are called to pray for the grace to love our neighbor and to forgive.

As we celebrate the Resurrection this Easter, let us also contemplate the personal resurrections unfolding within each of us—those divine moments of grace guiding us nearer to the true selves that God sees. Our spiritual transformation stands as a living testament to the enduring relevance of Easter’s proclamation in our lives: that in yielding to God, we ascend into a realm of redemption and love far surpassing our solitary pursuits.

In the embrace of this truth lies our fortitude, as we journey onward, uplifted by the hope of the Resurrection and the promise of renewal. This Easter, may your hearts be filled with the joy and serenity of the Risen Christ, secure in the knowledge that at every part of our voyage, we are accompanied by a God who transforms our uncertainties into belief, our despair into hope, and our endings into new beginnings.