Reflection for the 20th Sunday in Ordinary time…August 14, 2022

By Sr Mary Hlas ND

Today’s Gospel, initially, can be very confusing.  Luke begins this Gospel with Jesus telling His disciples, “I have come to set the world on fire and how I wish it were already blazing.”

We see, on television, many parts of the world where huge fires destroyed many homes and even countless lives.  So, why would Jesus tell his disciples that he has come to set the world on fire?  In Luke, John the Baptist prophesies to the disciples that the Messiah will come to baptize them with the Holy Spirit and fire. That was fulfilled on Pentecost when the Spirit came upon them like “tongues of fire.”

As for us today, the Spirit will continue fire up and warm our hearts so they will burn with love for Him and for all of those He puts into our lives.