Reflection for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time…October 1, 2023

by Sr. Rita Ostry ND

Readings: Philippians 2:1-11

                 Matt. 21:28-32

“Have in you the same attitude that is also in Christ Jesus…”  these words from Philippians are very challenging.  As I think about the attitude Jesus faithfully witnessed, it was always about compassion, love, understanding, and acceptance.  His actions of reaching out to others always included those needing healing, forgiveness, patience, and respect.  This kind of attitude doesn’t demand perfection but understands the struggle of the human condition.  It conveys a realization that anxieties, fears, insecurities, and oppression can lead to distraught, unethical behaviors.  It is in the attitude of believing in the sacredness of each individual that healing and wholeness can occur. Jesus modeled some profound, demanding ways of relating to others by not condemning or judging them, by going the extra mile to help them, and challenging us to love our enemies.

In the gospel we see that it is not necessarily our words that convey our attitudes, but it is our actions that actually proclaim our attitudes.  Initially we may say one thing and then do something totally different.  As we go about the activities of this week, may we be conscious of sharing Christ’s attitude of kindness, caring, love, and respect to those with whom we live, with whom we work and those we meet and greet each day.  May we strive daily to live our lives with the attitude of Christ helping to create a world of harmony and peace.

Blessings on your week.