October 9, 2020: Reflection for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time…October 11, 2020

by Carol Craven, Notre Dame Associate

We received the invitation to the wedding feast —an invitation to the Kingdom of God. When we say “yes” and put on the required white robe that we received at Baptism, we are saying “yes” to follow the baptismal call to be disciples of Jesus. We are saying “yes” to be persons of compassion and empathy, to come from a place of love, to do the difficult things in our daily life: grant mercy, walk in forgiveness, seek justice, pray always, discern the will of God, be authentic. 

When we put on the white garment we show up by participating fully in our life. We are present in each moment, are persons of awareness, filled with gratitude, and delighting in all of creation. 

Or, when we refuse to wear the white garment by taking a subversive stance, by abusing power, by distancing ourselves from others, by grandiosity or by creating division, we are saying “no” to the Kingdom of God. 

Each and every day, we make a decision as to how we want to show up. We can say “yes” to the invitation to God’s Kingdom and put on the required white robe or we can say “no” and refuse the invitation to God’s Kingdom. The choice is ours!