November 10, 2019: Reflection for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Cindy Wenninghoff, Notre Dame Associate

How can we live for heaven – in a world where we are so busy? Busy with work, and meetings, and a society that tells us all the things we “need”, and judges our way of life, making us unsure. How can we keep our focus on Christ’s resurrection with its promise of eternal life? How to find the time to spend with God, to know that we can put all our trust in Him. In the first reading, the brothers show complete faith in the world to come, they understand that God’s kingdom is not here on earth and they willingly die for this promise of heaven. This reading reminds us to take time to look at our day to day life.

​Not many are called to be martyrs of the faith, but we are called to sacrifice in our own way, to keep our focus not in today’s world but in the world to come. It may be a need to sacrifice more for our family, or more in prayer, or in our generosity to the poor, or in our work. But we can take comfort that each sacrifice we make will lead us to an eternal, joyful relationship with God.