Reflection for The Baptism of The Lord, January 9, 2022

By Cindy Wenninghoff, Notre Dame Associate

Having just celebrated the joys of Christ’s birth, it comes to a sort of completion with Jesus’ baptism as He begins His public ministry.  John, who has always baptized to forgive sins, has found Christ before him- who has no sin.  Yet Christ humbles Himself and unites us all in His baptism, so we too are called in mission to serve God, to begin the walk that will get us all to heaven. It is a wonderful gift.

I’ve always been struck by God’s words as Jesus is being baptized by John, and the heavens open, with the Holy Spirit descending like a dove: “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased”.  What an amazing moment where in one place God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are all present.  In recalling our own baptisms, this happened again, and God is telling us that we are His beloved daughters/sons.  Regardless of color, regardless of nationality, whether male or female, rich or poor, we are all one, cleansed, beginning anew as one people in Christ.  And our vocation is to bring Christ to others in a world that so desperately needs Him.  So, as we read of Christ’s baptism in Sunday’s Mass, let us become rejuvenated in reaching out to others, sharing kindness and living our faith.