Reflection for the Epiphany of Our Lord – January 3, 2021

By Ed McKibbin, Notre Dame Associate

The celebration of the Epiphany and this weekend’s readings remind us to seek the light, especially during times of darkness.  This past year has brought darkness to the lives of many.  However, the readings and the Feast of the Epiphany remind us that even during these times of darkness our faith in Jesus is there to bring us light.

The Prophet Isaiah provides words of encouragement to the people of Israel who had endured the pain and suffering of the Babylon exile.  Upon returning to Jerusalem the people of Israel encountered further evidence of the destruction brought about from the Babylonian exile, but Isaiah provides the encouragement of God’s love for them as a means of brightening the darkness.

In the Gospel, the Magi are guided by the light of the Star of Bethlehem.  This light guides them from the darkness of Herod and his castle.  The Magi continue to follow the light until they encounter the newborn king they are seeking.

The Epiphany and the readings remind us that the light of Christ is always with us, even during times that seem dark.  By virtue of our faith in Jesus we are people of light, and not people of darkness.  Therefore, let us remember this weekend and this new year to always walk in faith, not in fear.  Christ is our light and our salvation that provides our path out of darkness and into the light.  Further, we are called to share this light with those who dwell in darkness.  Let us strive to always bring light into the lives of those with whom we interact in this new year.