Reflection for the Feast of the Epiphany, January 7, 2024

by Sr Celeste Wobeter ND

Epiphany – a manifestation!

This weekend we celebrate the manifestation of Jesus to the Maji, not to the Jews, but to seekers from the East!  Jesus came not for just one group of people.  Jesus is all-inclusive!  He came for all!  No exceptions!  For the rich and the poor, people of every race and creed, for both women and men, for sinners, those who are mentally and physically ill.  For everyone!  For you and me!  For ALL of us!  We celebrate this amazing gift!

The Maji saw the star and recognized it as a call to follow it wherever it would lead them.  They walked faithfully!  Trusting! Even when the journey became difficult!  We, too, have a star guiding us to Jesus.  What is that star?  Who is my star? Does the star I follow lead me to Jesus?  Does it lead me to reach out in love to the poor and neglected that surround me?   Or does it lead me to self-centeredness? To pride?

In the first reading, Isaiah proclaims, “Rise up in splendor!  Your light has come, the glory of God shines upon you.”  Is 60:1

A rousing call to all of us as we begin this New Year 2024!  Take a moment to ponder each of these phrases:

  • Rise up in splendor!  A wake-up call!  The splendor of God’s Presence is within us! It surrounds us in all creation!
  • Your light has come!  The Light of Christ has come; Christ is our Light!  In turn we are called to be that Light for one another and for our world.
  • The glory of God shines upon you!  How awesome!  Are we aware of this amazing glory?  Do we allow that glory to transform us? 

Happy Epiphany!