Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent…November 27, 2022

By Theresa Homan, Notre Dame Associate

Wake up, my friends! Open your eyes and look around, for a new day arises. Let us walk in the light, learning the ways of peace and leaving behind war and its trappings.

It all sounds so nice, but it’s been thousands of years and I would venture a guess that our weapons of war far outnumber our ploughs. What difference has it made that the Christ has come? Every year during Advent we await the light and during Christmas we celebrate God’s incarnate arrival. But what has changed?…..

Yet, these readings brighten my heart and stir up a feeling of hope. I feel encouraged to renew my efforts to let go of what is not life-giving and walk in the freedom of peace. Once again I am reminded that reaching a future destination is not in my control. I am called to live each moment, take each step on the path, live my one life as much in the light as I can. … Breathe in light. Breathe out peace. … Have a blessed Advent!