December 22, 2019: Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

By Kathy Schinker, Notre Dame Associate

This Sunday’s Gospel describes the situation Joseph finds himself in. What a scandal it would be if he would divorce Mary. But he did not. He listened to the Angel’s message and followed through. In this wonderful Christmas season we have cause to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus. Joseph appears to stand in the shadows but he made a pivotal decision to become Christ’s earthly father. I ponder over what questions he must have had but he did as the Angel of the Lord instructed.

This last Sunday before Christmas Day, I pray to St. Joseph that I will make good ones when faced with difficult decisions, when outcomes are cloudy and/or I could be ridiculed or shunned.

During the remaining days of this Advent season let us remember the decisions Joseph made for this Holy Family all the days of his life. May we follow the example of Joseph and care for our families and loved ones with the gentleness , dedication, joyful service and love that he did.