March 22, 2020: Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

The story of the healed blind man reminds us of the need to check our assumptions. It reminds us to accept the fact that we can be wrong about the things that we have always believed to be true. Jesus’ disciples, the parents of the man born blind, his neighbors, the religious authorities all operated out of unchecked assumptions. They mostly came to the wrong conclusions.

We are invited to be open to seeing things from a new perspective. Wow! That’s an understatement! Our lives these days are all about making our daily activities simple and focused on faith and family. The gospel tells us that when we are presented with the truth about Jesus, even though the world rejects it, HE will search us out and lead us to deeper levels of faith and understanding.

Reread the gospel and put yourself in each of the observer’s shoes and reflect how you may have responded to this miracle. Christ is the Light of the World. Let us beg for the ability to look into the heart of each person we meet and to see reality the way God does. Pray for families whose lives have truly been challenged by COVID-19.