Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter…April 16, 2023

by Barbara Hickey, Notre Dame Associate
Gospel John 20:19-31

The disciples recognized Jesus when he appeared to them after His resurrection. He came among them and said “Pease be with you.” He showed them His hands and His side. He then said “As the Father has sent Me, so I send you.” He then breathed the Holy Spirit on them, forgave them their sins and directed them to go out as disciples and preach the gospel of the Lord.

Thomas (Didymus) was not present when Jesus came to them the first time. He did not believe the other disciples what they had told him. When the disciples met again, Thomas was there. Jesus again appeared and asked Thomas to touch His hands and His side and told him to believe and not unbelieve.

Thomas believed Jesus! If we had the same opportunity to see Jesus in the flesh, would we believe or need to have proof? How fortunate we are to have our faith. We were given salvation from the Risen Christ. His death made a path for our eternal life and what more can He give us but this ultimate gift? All we have to do is follow that path and believe.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good……His mercy endures forever.