Reflection for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 21, 2024

by Cindy Wenninghoff, Notre Dame Associate

This Sunday’s readings are familiar to us all – a call to repent and believe.  To listen to God and to prepare ourselves for Christ’s coming.  It is an assurance that we are all called to be saved.

In the first reading it is Jonah telling the people of Ninevah that they must repent in 40 days or God will destroy the city.  When they heard God’s word, they repented with fasting and sack cloth and God relented and did not destroy them.  God takes care of those who turn away from evil and trust in Him.

Then in a letter to the Corinthians, Paul tells the people that the time is near and to be ready.  The world as we know it is passing away.  All these worldly things that we spend our time on, we must let go, and trust God.  Those that weep should not weep, those that rejoice should not rejoice.  All these things we believe are important are of this world, but now, God has fulfilled his promise in Jesus, and we need only follow him. To trust in Him.

And finally in Jesus’ own words – He is the fulfillment; the kingdom of God is at hand. It is now.  We can’t procrastinate.  He calls us each by name to come and follow Him.  Regardless of title or wealth, religion or work, He calls each of us to repent and to believe in the Gospel.  We are all welcome and God has prepared a place for each of us in His kingdom.   And when we say yes to Jesus, it allows Him to work in us; so we too, like the apostles, can share the good news and become fishers of men.  We just need to let His light shine through us in our everyday lives as that will bring others back to God.