​We believe in the mission and ministry of the Notre Dame Sisters.

It is our mission to raise awareness, advocates and funds which will assure the continued and effective ministry of the Sisters.

For many years the Advancement Department was called the Development Department. We have transitioned into our new title, and have committed ourselves to advancing the Notre Dame Sisters further into the community by doing just as our mission states: raising awareness, advocates and funds to help the Sisters continue in their impactful ministries.

The Advancement Department oversees all fundraising efforts including special events, individual and corporate donations, planned giving, and grant and foundation giving. We are also responsible for public relations and marketing of the organization.

We are a small staff, but we are committed to making a difference and helping the Sisters make a larger impact in all they do! To show your support of the Notre Dame Sisters today,  Donate Now or mail your donation to:

Notre Dame Sisters
Attn: Advancement Department
3501 State Street
Omaha, NE 68112


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Where can your money go to create the impact you want?

We want you to see the impact of your dollars and know it is going to the area you are passionate about. ​We believe in the mission and ministry of the Notre Dame Sisters. It is our mission to raise awareness, advocates, and funds which will assure the continued and effective ministry of the Sisters.

So, feel free to give to the area of greatest need, to the Sisters’ retirement, to any given ministry, or to our latest fundraising appeal!

Planned Giving

Your Planned Gift Can Help for Generations To Come!

Gifts of assets no longer needed, testamentary gifts, and planned gifts through family circles can be very helpful to the Sisters’ needs both today and tomorrow. The following describes some situations in which a planned gift has benefited the Notre Dame Sisters already.


When Marvin realized his IRA would be subject to income and estate taxes, he looked for a wat to prevent losing his hard earned money while supporting a cause he held dear while still providing for his family. Naming the Notre Dame Sisters the beneficiary of his IRA account and having other assets pass under his will to his family, he will be able to leave more to his family and save on taxes.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Margaret wanted to balance her desire to give to the Notre Dame Sisters, yet still have income to help plan her own legacy for her children. At age 70, Margaret began making gifts that have provided payments of 5.1% back to her. Margaret is able to give larger gifts to the Notre Dame Sisters and she uses the annuity payments to fund an insurance policy to provide for her children and grandchildren.

Real Estate

After years of running the family farm, Emil’s children had grown and had families of their own. No longer wishing to farm the land or sell the property and in cur substantial capital gain tax liability on its highly appreciated value. Emil elected to make a gift of the property to the Notre Dame Sisters. While Emil was able to lessen his tax burden and avoid the concerns with the sale, the Notre Dame Sisters will be able to sell the land for the full value and continue to support their important missions.

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Monthly Giving

The needs of the Sisters are ongoing both for our ministries and our retirement. With fewer Sisters still in the workforce, an ongoing donation continually supports our aging Sisters and our ministries!

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Lynne Melvin

“Sister Phyllis was my English teacher! 💜 My name was Lynne Golden back when I graduated in 1970… I sooooo enjoyed my high school years there-especially the library. You’re an amazing group of women 💕💜” ~ Lynne Melvin

Margot Machin

“What a beautiful group of women, inside and out. May God bless you for all the loving and caring work you do. You have touched many people and made their lives so much better. Thank you and many wonderful years ahead.” ~ Margot Machin

Reeh Suppes

“Stay well Sister Ernestine Havlovixk. She was my 3rd grade teacher and the best softball teacher ever. She could really pitch!” ~ From Reeh Suppes, Beatrice, Nebraska