Sisters encourage you to VOTE!

sister holding signs to promote nds and voting

It is getting close to that time – American Elections. We certainly aren’t going to tell you how to vote, but we hope each of you who is eligible exercises this fundamental right. Let your voice be heard! 

If you haven’t already cast your ballot, remember that you can always vote…

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Supporting Temporary Protective Status

group in front of bus holding national tps alliance flag

By Sr. Mary Kay Meagher, ND

I was honored to join our local Omaha TPS Committee earlier this month to support those taking the bus to educate Congress about TPS. TPS simply means Temporary Protective Status, so people can live in the United States and work, own a home,…

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Exploring White Silence

information from Rev. Dr. Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer on white silence, Sacred Activism

Speakers Rev. Dr. Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer, Chaplain American Public University System American Military University; and Mr. A’Jamal Byndon, Omaha Community Council for Racial Justice and Reconciliation had a conversation about White Silence online for viewers to participate.

Hosted by the Notre Dame Sisters in Omaha, Nebraska, Expand Your Horizons…

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Pray with us for our indigenous friends, family, and neighbors

photo of statue and flower pots in grotto

Gracious God we give thanks and praise for this wondrous world in which we live.
Beauty and diversity surrounds us. All of creation beholds amazing wonder.
You, O God, gave life to all peoples, animals, plants and the earth. We are all so closely related and connected.
Lead us to a…

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COVID and A Time of Changes

graphic featuring jesus is with us through every storm message

A letter from our provincial president
Dear brothers and sisters,

There is no doubt about it—our nation needs healing!

COVID-19 is on the rise in over 32 states; racial tensions and inequalities surge; economic stress affects more individuals and families; immigrants are separated from loved ones or returned to the violence…

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Stephen Patrick O’Meara Tribute

stephen patrick o'meara tribute

Stephen Patrick O’Meara Tribute, September 21, 2020

We Notre Dame Sisters had hoped to award Stephen Patrick O’Meara at our 2020 Celebration of Spirit Dinner, which moved to an online event due to COVID-19. As spring turned to summer, we began to realize that physical distancing due to the…

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Prayer Vigil for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

woman on beach looking out at boat filled with people

In the midst of our pandemic, struggles with civil unrest, protests, and racism, other major issues tend to drop from our view. One such issue is Immigration and Migration.  Pope Francis has released his message for the World Day of Migrates and Refugees which is to be commemorated…

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Stephen Patrick O’Meara Honored For His Commitment to End Human Trafficking in the Midwest


O’Meara  was honored with the Mother Qaulberta Service Award for bringing attention to the human trafficking happening all around us, even when no one in Nebraska believed it was here

This former prosecutor in Nebraska and Iowa with a specialization in human trafficking and child welfare, is quick to…

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